We love a little litter pick

Litter Pick

It was World Environment Day on the 5th of June, and we had wanted to do something as a team to help our city of Southampton!

Hopefully you guys already know that we have a pretty green ethos.
We love to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ and do as much as we can to cut down on plastic. Every new menu we release has more vegan options on than the one before, which is worth celebrating too!
We love to get a bit crafty, so also made nearly all our Christmas decorations last year from recycling old menus or newspapers, and melting down finished candles in to star moulds to hang on our tree, which, honestly, looked way better than anything we can buy just to throw away after.

All our staff care a lot about our local area.
We are centred in Southampton town right by all the parks, and a lot of our team walk through these on a daily basis. Luckily, our city is pretty well looked after, but we all still need to do our bit. It makes us super sad to see our beautiful flower beds with more crisp packets in than Chrysanthemums.

So… we organised a staff litter pick!
We only had two hours but completely filled up the rubbish sacks we took with us.

Going through all the bushes proved how much people leave behind and it really doesn’t take much to walk the extra 10 steps to a bin. We all take for granted where our rubbish goes. Who picks it up if you don’t?

Litter Pick

We found the whole day actually super therapeutic and we urge any other local businesses, or just groups of friends, to go to your local park or beach and try and make a difference. Grab a bag and some gloves and safely pick up what you can – you’ll be surprised how much it adds up.

We hope this persuades you to give it a try, and we will certainly be doing it again soon!

Take care of your local area guys, and it will take care of you 🙂

Southampton Stable Team

Litter Pick