Summer Suggestions from Sunny Southampton

Vegan Wrap

Welcome to sunny Southampton!

Ok, that might well be a bit of an optimistic greeting, but at the moment, it’s fair to say it is still BEAUTIFUL here in our city. Perfect weather to go for a little stroll along Southampton’s Docks, and then cool off with a sparkling cider and Totally Tempeh salad in our sunspot out front. Maybe even a naughty-but-oh-so-nice Hedgerow Berry Cider posset…
I’ve always been a glass half full type of girl, and I guess that’s why I have the pleasure of being this site’s Cider Master! That’s Apple Jedi to you…

Over the next few months, I am aiming to guide you through some of our Summer items on our new menu and what, in my opinion, they pair with best from our stunning selection of drinks.

We will start with the Lunch Menu because everything is such good value, and you may not know what we have to offer! Let us significantly improve your lunch break with fresh ingredients, handmade food to order, and possibly a cheeky bev…

LUNCH MENU – ‘Tomato, Olive & Vegan Feta Wrap’ + ‘Hunts Hazy Dazy’ cider

All our wraps are actually baked as pizza dough, so don’t sleep on these! Warm, a bit gooey, super tasty, and packed with fresh ingredients, for only £6.50! You can’t go wrong with a lunch wrap. I have chosen the vegan option with rocket, heritage tomatoes, garlic and rosemary olives, red onion, fresh oregano, vegan feta, and our homemade tomato sauce, because it’s honestly an explosion of flavour and wholesomeness. I’m not even vegan myself but i’m fully obsessed with this for my lunch. It’s a little acidic, a tiny bit creamy, a smidge peppery and garlic-y, and just generally very satisfying.


I have chosen to pair it with a still cider from Hunts called Hazy Dazy. At 4.5% it is a perfect lunch break option without getting a bit silly, and I feel it lifts the flavour profile of the wrap extremely well. It’s a misty, yellow, smooth yet earthy, apple cider from Devon, which grounds a little of the acidity from the tomatoes, and it’s sweetness pairs beautifully with the salty feta. It really is a feta’l attraction.

Come give it a go!

Cheers y’all,
Ellie // Southampton Cider Master

Vegan Wrap & Hazy Dazy