Is there no escape?!

We have had an eventful few weeks at the Southampton Stable!

It’s that time of year where students return home, so we have welcomed a few fresh new faces to the team, and we figured that the best way to get them stuck in to the Stable family life was to LOCK THEM IN A ROOM.

Yes, you heard correctly, but no, we are not that mean. We decided to do a staff Escape Room party and it was the most fun, yet infuriating, staff outing of our lives.

Locked In A Room Southampton recently opened near West Quay and we have been itching to try it out, so luckily, the Winchester Stable team very kindly covered us for the night so our whole squad could partake, and we would highly recommend the experience to anyone!

As the website states – “Very few activities immerse you in a world where you think of nothing except the task at hand. Locked In A Room does. It’s unique, it’s fantastic fun, it’s challenging, it’s pure escapism.”

We wholeheartedly agree. The staff were amazing, the decor is exciting, detailed, and somewhat scary at the same time, and you feel like you are on a movie set. The briefing you receive is gripping and thought-provoking without giving too much away, and even the acting was perfectly executed to suit the theme.

It’s a fantastic way to team-build, thrill-seek, or just have an entertaining challenge with a group of mates. Think you know the people you work with on the daily?! Think again. You truly get to know each other when the timer is counting down and you are all scrambling around on all fours frantically looking for clues… Even the coolest cat of the group begins to sweat when you need just one more key, you have a mere three minutes left, and you hear the team you’re up against crack the last clue through the wall and it’s a nail-biting race to break out first. Even Perfectly Passive Pam gets super competitive and it’s honestly so much fun. You can’t miss it. You may want to chill out afterwards with one of our ciders, though!

As a disclaimer, only one of our teams actually got out of the room, with just 30 seconds to spare, and the other was about a minute behind! What a nightmare!

We unfortunately can’t give anymore away, so you’ll just have to try it for yourselves! We can’t wait to go back again and try and crack another room.
Come to the bar at the Stable and chat to us more about our Escape Room experience!

Thank you Paul and co for having us! I’m sure we will be seeing you again soon.

The Southampton Stable Team x