A visit to Kentish Pip

As a site devoted to quality cider, we reached out to a few friendly suppliers to ask if they would kindly let us visit their orchards.

The first to accept was Kentish Pip in Canterbury!!

Five of us had the utmost pleasure to visit their beautiful Woolton Farm at the start of the month (when we still had a hint of summer weather – whelp).

Kentish Pip won gold at the 2018 British Cider Championships, which, as a family run business (currently run by Sam Mount) over four generations, is pretty impressive.

Here is what we got up to!

We started in their sales room where we immediately saw an inviting selection of cans, bottles and BiBs (bag in boxes) that looked tremendously tasty – hats off to their branding team – and bought t-shirts because they looked super sweet and we couldn’t wait to rep their brand. Can’t beat a gift shop. What a start to the tour!

Sam then lead us round (with his beautiful dog) to show us the Mount Family’s orchards. They cultivate a combination of dessert, culinary, and cider apples to bring a huge depth of flavour to their drinks, ranging from the Discovery apple to the Cox.

We got to see their cider mill and also taste three different ciders straight from the fermenting phase, which was simply amazing to see how the flavours adjust.

They then treated us to some samples of their ciders we had not yet stocked, such as ‘High Diver’ and ‘Craftsman’, which we have immediately put on the list to get in ASAP!

Taste Testing

If things weren’t impressive enough, they then brought out a huge lunch spread of local produce and completely bowled us over with delicious cheeses, fresh salads, and warm quiches. If you didn’t already know… cider and cheese are a match made in heaven.

We can’t wait to show you guys more of their beautiful products in the future.

See you at the bar!

Southampton Stable Team